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Over the years I’ve been spending time in the Sun Java forums answering posted questions (mostly related to Swing). During the period I’ve posted many code samples to help illustrate my suggested solutions. I recently upgraded to Java 6 and decided to revisit these code samples to see if they still apply. During this process I also decided to formalize the code and make it more general in nature so that it can be used by a wider number of people. This blog is a result of this process.

I’ve broken the code samples down into 4 main categories:

  • Application – code that can be executed stand alone as an application. I don’t expect to have many of these examples.
  • Classes – can be incorporated directly into your own application. This is done by implementing Interfaces, by using listeners or by using static methods.
  • Extensions – can be used directly by your application. Or, if you are already using a class that extends the same class, then you will need to change the code to extend a different class.
  • Tips – are just random pieces of code, or ideas, that will hopefully get you pointed in the right direction.

In addition to the the above, I will also categorize each entry by the package the code sample belongs to. I suspect that most will belong to the Swing package, but I do have a few Util and I/O samples lying around.

It should be noted that none of the code presented here is used in any real application,  (I only do this for a hobby) and therefore you use it at your own risk. Although I must admit I took about 5-10 minutes to do extensive testing so I doubt you will find many bugs :-).

We assume no responsibility for the code. You are free to use and/or modify and/or distribute any or all code provided via the Java Tips Weblog without restriction. A credit in the code comments would be nice, but not in any way mandatory.

Note: WordPress does not support the uploading of “.java” files so code will be downloaded from the “” domain.

“Give somebody a fish and they eat for a day.
Teach somebody to fish they eat for life!”

In following the philosophy of the above quote, whenever possible, I will also attempt to provide links for related reading to help you better understand the suggested solution. These readings may include tips to help solve your next problem. I may include links to:

  • technical articles
  • tutorials
  • the Java API

The Java API is huge and we don’t have time to read it from start to finish. If the examples don’t solve your problem, hopefully they can at least give you some ideas and introduce you to new API’s and concepts.


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