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Contact Us

Hopefully you have been following the blog!

Now you may want to contact one of us directly. Maybe you:

  • have noticed a problem with the site
  • have a question about a feature of the site
  • have a suggestion on how to improve the site
  • want to discuss a posting offline

The most common reason for contacting us has been to ask about using the code presented here in your own application. I tried to address this on the About page but I guess people don’t look at that page so I will paraphrase the comment from that page:

We assume no responsibility for the code. You are free to use and/or modify and/or distribute any or all code posted on the Java Tips Weblog without restriction. A credit in the code comments would be nice, but not in any way mandatory.

I continue to get emails asking about the license for code presented in the blog. We will not respond to these emails. The above statement addresses this issue. Good luck with your application if you decide to use the code.

Whatever the reason (except for the above), we would be glad to hear from you. You can reach us directly through email using one of the links below:


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