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Local Date Combo

Posted by Darryl Burke on April 22, 2015

LocalDateCombo is a Swing date picker for selecting a java.time.LocalDate from a drop-down MonthView.  As with MonthView, the no-arg constructor creates a LocalDateCombo set to the current date, with no upper or lower limits.  Additionally, this uses a default format corresponding to java.time.format.FormatStyle.MEDIUM

Five more constructors allow you to set various combinations of initial / minimum (earliest) / maximum (latest) value, and the display format.  Here’s a LocalDateCombo with the MonthView dropped down:


This code created that LocalDateCombo, and the screenshot was captured on 4 April 2015.

new LocalDateCombo(,
      DateTimeFormatter.ofPattern("E d MMM, uuuu"));

Please note that you will need JDK8 to compile and use this class.  You will also need MonthView and related classes, published earlier.

Get The Code

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